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The Wilderness

“My daughter had a dream when she was younger.  She would play in the trees and our clearing and always said: ‘If I ever get married, I’m going to get married in that clearing.’ Sixteen years later she got engaged and asked her fiancé to make her dream come true. Between his family and ours, we put it all together for them to get married out here. It all came about by accident. Her dream has become a dream come true for so many people now... ”

 - Scott Harders, Owner/Operator


Located 45 minutes North of Wichita, KS, The Wilderness at Turkey Creek is a perfect combination of rustic charm and secluded elegance! Take a walk through our winding paths, indulge in the thousands of twinkling lights, and get swept away by complete and total wilderness!  

As stated in our story above, The Wilderness at Turkey Creek all came about by accident.  Or did it?  We firmly believe Our Story is no accident at all!  The lives we have touched, the souls we have bonded with, and the lifelong friends we have made remain cherished in our hearts.  The love we have instilled into each and every detail of our properties continues to grow and flourish through each new union created at The Wilderness at Turkey Creek!


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