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Looking for a unique and rustic touch for your wedding decor? Our Tennessee Whiskey Whiskey Barrell Rental is the perfect addition to your special day. These beautifully aged barrells add an elegant and charming element to any wedding venue. Use them as cocktail tables, accent pieces, or even as part of your ceremony backdrop. Each barrell has its own distinct character, making it a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your event. Add a touch of Southern charm to your wedding with our Tennessee Whiskey Whiskey Barrell Rental.


Please note: these items are NOT available for physical purchase. Adding to cart and supplying payment only secures your rental/use of items and requires approval of date, transportation details, and signed and completed rental aggrement.  We are so excited to offer this service to our on site wedding parties! If you have booked with a different venue, but would like to rent our items, please send us a message or call to insure your date is available!

Tennesse Whiskey Whiskey Barrel Rental

  • Please see rental agreement for more information

  • We kindly require a finalized rental purchase 15 days prior to your special day to add any additional items.  Your initial rental agreement is final upon payment and cannot be refunded/returned.

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